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Android is the most used OS in case of smart phones the world over, hence android mobile app is critical for online business in Delhi India and for rest of the world. With S-Epos the quality and popularity of the app is guaranteed.

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Best Android App Development Company in Delhi, India

S-Epos’ target is to become the best android app development company in Delhi, and with our deliveries we have started on a positive note. We make the application as per your business needs with no frill attached. Our simple yet functional mobile apps for android devices will take your business to the next level. We believe in making your online sales automatic with minimum of effort required to advertise.

The next level of the analysis goes to analyzing the customer profile. Our extremely competent android app development team will aim to increase your customer base by finding out the “How?” and “What to do?” aspects. Our expert team will make sure you get the maximum out of mobile app development.

Importance of UI Design of Mobile App Developed

The most critical part of developing an android app is UI design. The UI design or "User Interface" of a mobile application includes the look and feel of the app! Job of the user interface designer is to focus graphic design of mobile apps by understanding and considering their targeted users. With bigger screen sizes the android phones offer more flexibility of design and this taken in consideration by our android app development team at S-Epos.

We also provide standalone mobile app development services in Delhi which focus solely on building the business around the mobile technology. Many businesses are doing this successfully and we have many clients who have benefited from this model of business.

Test of UX ( User Experience) of Developed Mobile Apps

Testing the mobile app after mobile app development process for user experience is critical for its success in the market. An app that fails to load or perform its task can be detrimental to business. The user experience drives the online business just like any other mode and the same is taken care while building the applications and websites.

Our team downloads the developed android app and uses it to point out the anomalies that affect its performance when downloaded by the customer. However, some updating is required from time to time, and thus we also have continuous testing done for your app. This is included in the package without any extra payment to be done.

Time Frame For Deliver Any Android Development Services

The android app development services are quite different from other web services. Hence we at S-Epos Technologies have a dedicated sub-team to look into finer details of the building of the applications. The team then integrates the testing with user experience and uses the data to make the future updates better.

After alpha testing the beta testing is done in a controlled environment to check for any anomalies. Once the app has passed all the tests it goes to the Play Store for further quality check before approval. None of the android apps developed by us have failed the quality check of Google, and we take pride in this. Call us @ +91 8383951149 or visit android development company in Delhi.