Graphic Designing Services

Graphic design services include company logo design, print view and also web design. Graphic design is the soul of online business and we at S-Epos make it happen for you. With our services you can be sure of having a presence in the global market.

Graphic Designing Services in Delhi

A good design unifies the goal of a business and sets it apart from competition. We start the service with business logo design by using the custom logo maker. The logo represents the whole company and the same is taken into consideration while designing it by our team. The second step is to create a brand identity by graphic design. This can be done in various ways which will be discussed while you come to us. This includes the print design for you company along with the web design giving a distinct look to your company.

Other corollary services like business card design and also the letterhead design comes under the purview of graphic designing. Our graphic designing company in Delhi will take care of all your needs. Just call us - 011 41424375 and we will there to help you.

Sketching the Mockups

The first phase in all the designing is to sketch a mock design and then test in a controlled environment. Our team will do this by carefully studying the requirements and come up with a rough idea of the design. Then various existing designs are selected to see what they look like. For instance a business logo design work starts with selecting various options for the same and trying it out on various platforms like a letterhead, business card and the web page.

Once a sketch is selected, our team at S-Epos will try to modulate it further. Thus a chess knight logo will be tested with background color and the best will be chosen. Our team makes sure that your design is not only unique and presentable but also striking.

Building the design

Once the design rough sketch work is done the building blocks of design starts working. The background code is written to make the design flexible and easy to change. Since the graphics design is a critical cog in the wheel of branding; building process is done in cognizance with your company’s goals.

The building process also involves selecting the environment in which the design is ultimately going to work. For instance the design of a website has to be online and deep graphics can be used, while in case of a business card we take care of what can be printed correctly in a press.

Presenting and refining the work

Our design team takes pride in presenting the best for your business. After a particular design is build just for your business the presentation is done accordingly. Our team makes sure that the design showcases your company and the refining of the work is done continuously after testing it in a live environment.

Refining of the work of designing is done to make your design not only better suited for your brand but also to make it technologically compliant. With our web designing services the best is not only promised but delivered. Delighted customers are our reward for the exceptional work we yearn to provide to every client.