iOS - iPhone Mobile App Development Company in Delhi

iOS was the first system to introduce touch screen and smart phones, and the development of websites and applications by our team is done in cognizance with the requirements. The smart apps made by us will help you to get the maximum out of your web presence.

iOS App Development Company in Delhi

We provide seamless iOS app development services in Delhi for your business. It is a fact that around 35% of the smart phone users are on Apple. Their numbers are increasing with the increase in popularity of Apple Phones. Therefore iPhone mobile app development in Delhi is a critical part of the online presence and business. The dedicated team at S-Epos takes care of various aspects of app development.

Other than mobile apps for business the website is also a key component of the online trade. The website developed by us is 100% responsive so that it automatically makes the website quite easy to view on smaller screens of the Apple phones. With iPhone X being launched this component becomes very much in demand for all kinds of business.

Best UI Design for iPhone Mobile App

When you think of Apple Phones and iPad the user interface becomes a significant part of the mobile application or the mobile website. Using stack view launched on the iPhone X we make it adaptive to complex layouts. This innovation lets you fit more menus and works across all kinds of devices. As the resolution increases from the iPhone to iPad the layout adapts to the increased screen size. The user interface expands and enables iOS app development.

Our team uses Xcode to make apps which has all the above features making your application suit all kinds of screen sizes. The application is made to bring the most out of the 3D touch technology which is going to take the world by storm in coming years.

Simple UX Development for Users

3d Touch on the iPhone is what is kept in view while developing the application for iOS. With the new feature the experience of the users will reach new heights, which will benefit the business in a positive manner. In spite of all the developments we keep our User experience simple and you will be able to operate the app normally. Another feature which is significant as one switches devices is the icon size and font size. The developers at S-Epos take care of all these small details to make the User Experience much better.

The applications developed by our iOS app development company in Delhi will help your business with enhanced user experience which will benefit the business. Table view and collection options are available in our apps.

Time Frame for Deliver iPhone Mobile App

The iOS application development services are quite different from other web services. Hence we at S-Epos have a dedicated sub-team to look into finer details of the building of the applications. Our team will make the user interface using the latest codes which are quite easy to change and then go for alpha testing.

After alpha testing the beta testing is done in a controlled environment to check for any anomalies. Once the app has passed all the tests it goes to the App Store for further quality check before approval. We have a 100% record when it comes to the apps being accepted by App store.