Privacy Policy

S-EPOS respects complete privacy of its website visitors, in regards to their information. We have implemented privacy policy, which is completely transparent, and its purpose to exercise your legal rights in the best possible way. If you require additional information about the protection of personal data, do visit the website of Data Protection Authority. Until and unless you do not accept the use of cookies, we will not place analytical cookies on the computer.

We use Google Analytics to see what content is popular on our website, and accordingly provide content to our readers.

Contacting users

In case, you have opted to receive newsletters, then it may carry tracking codes helping us understand how many visitor visited our website. This helps us create mails and provide you with better service. The entire is then stored on our email partners.

AdWords & Facebook Remarketing Tags

Google and Facebook remarketing is one way to reconnect users with the brand previously visited your website. They collate depersonalised data on our website visitors. These platforms enable us to position targeted adverts to a define audience.

Website Content

Laws protect brand, images, texts and illustrations used for operating this website and generally all components used on our site. Any reproduction or modification by any means without prior permission of the controller is strictly prohibited. The controller may not take immediate action against infringement, but it cannot be considered as the consent.


The controller is not liable for any failure, difficulties or interruptions in the functioning of the website. The visitors will be responsible to seek connection to the website. You will need to take appropriate steps for protecting your equipment and data against hazards.

The controller is not liable for damages incurring or third parties and you will refrain from any legal action against the controller.

How S-EPOS uses Cookies?

Cookies are placed on your computer by the websites you visit. Cookies are used in order to make your website work, efficiently. Most of these cookies are session, existing only at the time of our site. Information is used for improving user experience using website upgrades. If you disable cookies, some of them may not work. S-EPOS does not allow Google use our website analytics data.