Benefits of using Alt Tag

When a blog post is created, there are certain things taken into consideration that falls under the SEO segment. A finely optimized blog can bring in good traffic or views. However, of all the SEO methods used for the blog post, Alt Tag is the most important, but ignored step. Overlooking Alt text or tag can be a mistake and gives your competitors a chance to get ahead in the search engine result.

You may have created high-quality content that could appeal the audience, but if doesn’t have the alt text or tag, your hardwork goes away. There are many benefits of using alt text or tag for your blog images. But before we learn about the benefits, let us first check what Alt- Tag for Images is.

What is Alt Tag?

Alt tag for images, also known for ‘alt descriptions” or “alt attributes” is a short HTML attribute and is the description of 100 character assigned to the image on the web page and to describe what the image is all about. Alt Tag is not visible to the regular visitors, but it helps search engine crawlers to understand the appearance and functioning of the image. Moreover, finely used alt tag for images shows up in place of the image file failing to load.

Here is the example of the image alt tag:

<img src=”football.png” alt=”football”>

Benefits of Alt Tag:

  • Helps in Explaining the Image:

Alt tag is used to help the image gets proper visibility. In many cases, the website loads slowly due to heavy images. However, the text is still there and to give an idea about the same, you can use the alt text to read what the photo is all about.

  • Aiding Accessibility for non-visual readers:

Even if the page loads, people using voice readers can’t actually read the page. One of the biggest benefits of alt tag is it helps people with visual impairments.

  • Helps in strengthening your SEO

Search engine crawlers don’t see full image when crawling. Even if the image has text overlaid on it, search engine won’t be able to crawl the text. For instance, if you are posting an image of a cake for the respective article. The search engine may not be able to understand that this photo is about the cake. By using the alt text, you can mention- a delicious vanilla cake with sprinkles from our favorite City Bakery. Here, alt text is the hero and helps your image to connect with the search engine.


To get the right lead and good result out of it, you need to make sure to use the Alt Tag rightly. The best is to hand over the job to the best SEO agency that will look into the complete aspect of the SEO.

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